My Original Menu canapés comprise of many my favourites but if there is something else you have in mind, get in touch and we’ll create a bespoke menu especially for you.  Prices vary from 1£ to 2£ per canapé, please contact me to discuss options. 


Cheese salad in a rye bread basket

Spinach pancake rolls with goat cheese and herbs

Pancake rolls with mushrooms & cheese
Caprese salad with avocado on a stick served with homemade basil pesto
Bruschetta with tomato salsa and basil pesto

Mini potato pancakes with cream cheese mousse 
Mushroom parcels
Ogleshield cheese and spinach puff pastry parcels
Blue cheese and leek soup shot
Asparagus and white wine soup shot
Spicy sweet potato chips 
Vegetable composition with rocket salad

Aubergine rolls with cream cheese, walnuts and coriander filling

Courgette rolls with goat cheese mousse

Vegetable & mushroom mini quiche 

Leek & vegetable mini quiche

Beetroot & feta sticks

Choux buns with cheese mousse

Pancake rolls  with cream cheese, smoked salmon and avocado mousse

Mini potato pancakes with cream cheese mousse, smoked salmon, dill and lemon
Spicy egg mousse with prawn and caviar in a rye bread basket
Cucumber rounds with tuna mousse 

Mini prawn salad

Mini calamari salad

Mini ''Herring under fur coat''  - traditional Russian salad

Herring, egg, shallot rye bread mini sandwiches  

Potato, beetroot mousse, herring, qual egg

Choux buns with salmon pate

Prawn & chilli parcels

Baby potatoes with herring on a stick

Goats cheese balls with bacon, parsley and chives, covered in toasted hazelnuts

Pancake rolls with chicken, prune, walnut and coriander filling

Pancake rolls with prosciutto, artichoke mousse and sun-dried tomatoes

Mini Caesar salad in gem lettuce

Aubergine rolls with chicken, prune, walnut and coriander filling

Pear, walnut and blue cheese wrapped in prosciutto ham
Homemade chicken pâté with red onion chutney on ciabatta bread
Asparagus spears with prosciutto
Beef and pickled cucumber rolls
Quail egg in ham basket
Chicken breast pieces stuffed with spinach, ricotta and sundried tomatoes

Mini Olivier salad (with chicken/beef or pork sausage)

Roast beef with baked pepper mousse

Roast beef with sun-dried tomato mousse

Choux buns with baked pepper mousse, prosciutto and sun-dried tomatoes

Something Sweet:
Shortbread mini  tartlets with mascarpone cream and berries
Shortbread biscuits with raspberry/blueberry/apple zephyr ( marshmallows) 
Vegan blueberry/raspberry bliss balls
Vegan fruit and nut, chocolate bliss balls
Vegan lemon and coconut bliss balls
Mini brownie with mascarpone
Mini honey cake
Mini apple strudel

Mini classic/ berry tiramisu

Drunken pear mousse with mascarpone cream

Home-made mini chocolate sweets

Mini pannacotta